All Night Long



I’ve been pulling some late nights lately, even going so far as an all-nighter last night, in an effort to finish a web site. I never went to college so the only all-nighters I had were when I had a really great gig and we just went partying afterwards. But it’s different when you’re sober.


I find myself being very conscious of my neighbors and the noise level. Not that I really need to, there’s a bunch of neighbors in a multi-dwelling such as this that have late night parties as well as their friends just yelling down the gangway so they’ll open up the door. We seem to have a gangway constructed by sound engineers for football games because I can hear the voices from the street the way a shotgun microphone will pick up a quarterback’s signals.

But I do try to be respectful and since the majority of the people seem to work normal hours I try not to wake anyone up. So this means playing music very quietly. Now for someone like me that can’t tolerate too much caffeine, it’s a little frustrating because I would like to have my favorite tunes on to keep my “jamming.” Now before you say it, I have this unusual fear that someone will sneak up on me if I have my earphones in late at night. Don’t know why, just do.

It is pretty nice working when everyone else, for the most part, is in slumber-land. The lack of any traffic noises makes it very peaceful and you feel like you’re doing more than the average person. You’re putting in that hundred and ten percent.

Of course that completely goes away the next morning when you eventually fall asleep at ten a.m. and strangely are able to sleep through all the normal daytime sounds.