To Fly Perchance to Dream

We take you to a small tavern 10 miles outside of Kitty Hawk, South Carolna.

The date is December 17, 1903…

“That rocked!”

“Indeed Wilbur. After all those hours-days-weeks-we finally had success.”

“Don’t forget the years Orville.”

“Oh touché old boy.”

“So what do we do now.”

“Why we fly again and again, for longer times and farther distances.”

“Yeahhh. I’m wondering about a return on my investment.”

“Isn’t it enough to be part of history?”

“Welllll. I had a thought while I was up there for those twelve seconds. We carried ourselves, why not carry others?”

“That’s brilliant!”

“We charge them to carry them from city to city. We’ll be flying that far in no time.”

“Hey gents can I get you another pint?”

“Yes my good woman-Two more.”

“And peanuts.”