Three Phrases to Change the World

I consider myself a Simplist. You may have not have heard the definition because I just made it up. Basically, a Simplist believes that things could be a lot simpler, and are in fact quite simple, underneath it all. Society and CNN make it difficult. (I’m kidding CNN.)

One of the core beliefs of the Simplist is that there are three basic phrases that everyone should use:


Thank You

Excuse Me

The very act of using these phrases means that we’re acknowledging other people. By asking “please” you’re inviting people into your world to help. By saying “thank you”, you’re thanking them for being there. And by saying “excuse me”, well you’re eliminating the need for anyone to call you a selfish bastard.

We’re all self-centered, and anyone that doesn’t think so, take a look around you. Ha! Did you do it? The very act of looking around you makes you the center. So you see we’re all self-centered. But by using please, thank you and excuse me, we’re saying it’s ok to be in my circle. Especially if you bring chocolate.

A little politeness could go a long way in this World right now. We can use it in our emails and texts and let people know we “feel” them on the other end of Cyberspace and Dataland (amusement park opening soon) as well as in the grocery store aisles. ┬áLet’s be good to each other.