You Can’t See Me

Water cooler chat for 7-25-12

Why are so many people wearing camouflage shorts and pants; who are they hiding from?

I understand that people are upset about the balance of
Money in this country, but what do they expect, the rich to go door to door with a stack of $100s?

What happens when they start running out of meats to pile on burgers; will they add more veggies?

Especially since Mrs. Obama is all for healthy kids, why doesn’t Obamacare include a tax credit for those families that don’t eat at Fatburger?

Tobacco spelled backwards is Occabot. I think that reeks of an alien cyborg society that introduced cigarettes to wipe out humans.

How come Uhaul never spun off Wehaul for the lazy?

How does Radio Shack still exist? Don’t see a lot of call for radio-controllers cars or CBs anymore.

Somebody give those Angry Birds some ice cream. Nobody stays mad with ice cream.

If you remove one store out of a strip mail do the rest fall over?

How slow did food used to be served?