Rain, rain, stay for a few days



There’s something really great about rainy days when you have a lot of work to get done. You’re more inclined to focus when the sun’s not streaming through telling you “You like in Southern California. So what if you don’t get your work done. So what if you run out of money. You can always live on the beach!”

That being said, I’m a big fan of showers. And I don’t know if you can get that clean in a cold ocean in the winter or a public restroom. Side note: You can’t ask for the bathroom in public places like restaurants and coffee houses. They look at you funny. That must be a Midwestern term. It’s interesting. But not that interesting. I think we’re done talking about it.

The rain makes a great background noise to get your work done as well. It’s not like music where you are either singing the lyrics or humming along with the melody and suddenly the topic you’re writing about has a “peaceful easy feeling.” That doesn’t work real well when you’re designing a website for constipation products. But you do have to be careful and be sure to sit up straight and not lean back in your desk chair-particularly if it’s one that rocks. You’ll take a nice long break.

This has been the perfect weather for me. I know I’m fortunate because it’s just a touch of rain and only in the 60s, so please don’t think I’m trying to rub it in. It’s just that I live in a tiny studio apartment and it’s nice that I can keep the windows open and feel like I’m not in solitary confinement. And I can listen to the sound of the rain during the day and at night be serenaded by the sounds of the people walking down the street yelling at each other or the sirens of the police cars speeding to take care of some problem caused by some homeless, or drugged/drunken individual or some punk high school kid, probably white but trying to look like a rap artist. It’s nice to live on the edge of downtown.

And tomorrow there’s more rain planned and I can finally get through this frustrating website. Come on forecast!