Whatever Happened to Comedy?



In perusing the trailers at apple.com, out of 60 movies there are only four comedies. Two of those have co-titles (comedy, drama) and only one of those is funny. And that’s just the trailer. If you can’t find two minutes in the movie that are funny you’re in trouble. I know that I’ve seen movies where the trailer was the funniest bits but this is just plain sad.

Thank heavens for Pixar. They’ll be coming out with Monsters University and I’m sure that’s going to be good. The only movies I didn’t like of theirs were Cars, probably would have liked them in my younger, Hot Wheels and Matchbox, days. But when I moved to California three years ago everything just couldn’t go.

So why aren’t there any funny movies? This is the summer! Doesn’t anyone want to laugh? I understand popcorn movies with all their special effects. I still haven’t seen Iron Man 3 and I’m as sad as the face on my blog. But where are the Blues Brothers, the Caddyshacks, the Stripes, the Animal Houses of today? Obviously it’s big business and the blockbuster mentality means it has to be geared to open big, so does all the market research and data mining show that the escape for the major movie audience is to go sit in a dark room with a couple of hundred people and feel bad?

I’ve long held that there are two reasons that people watch reality television; they either see that others have it just as bad as them, a sort of support group mentality, or they realize that they’ve got it better than others. So when people go to the movies are they looking for that shared experience, do they want to feel the depressing energy the way a group of yogis seek out ecstasy in a chanting drum circle? Can a shared nod of the head the way teenage boys greet each other in the hall resonate through their souls? They’ve spent too many years posting their misery online and in chat rooms and now they need to feel that collective sadness?

Because there were only a handful of special effects popcorn movies in those trailers as well. It was packed with dramas and I’m grateful only because I’m still kind of broke and I hate missing too many movies. I’ll stick to watching what funny stuff I can find on the web. Or maybe this will push me to write the comedies in my head. Cause I certainly would love to see more people laugh.