“Today is the day…

“Today is the day that is filled with surprises, nobody knows what’s gonna happen,” sang the Mickey Mouse Club of the 50s, the ones that didn’t grow up and show their private parts. I think. The song unexpectedly popped up in my inner jukebox yesterday and I started to think, “do days still hold surprises?”

Is it just the cranky inner me, that I’ve gotten older, or can my inner child regress back to the crib when you woke up with excitement and anticipation? Or is it just that expression came from a time that everything was in black and white, not just the TV, so anything would have been exciting? Because I pretty much know how every day is going to go.

  • Some young actor or actress will expose themselves, post an inappropriate comment on Twitter, or go into rehab.
  • Some politician will say something without thinking it through, post something inappropriate on Twitter, or expose themselves.
  • Some one will do something absolutely unthinkable in the name of religion, human rights, or social beliefs. Probably while exposing themselves.

So maybe it’s not that there can’t be any surprises, there just aren’t any? Over the last couple of decades, everything once considered unacceptable, unallowable or unbelievable is now the norm.¬†And I’m not a prude. It’s just become that the shocking doesn’t exist, not a whole lot more we can do that pushes the envelope. And that just seems sad.

I’ve said something similar before in this blog. I think it’s because I want things to change so bad. Whenever I see something amazing someone does, a really beautiful unselfish moment I get so hopeful we’re turning a corner. But around that corner someone’s exposing themselves.

But I won’t stop believing. Have a good weekend!