Germ Peace Time

From a very young age, we are taught to be careful of germs. We hear terms like “germ warfare.” But just like the absence of weapons of mass destruction, what if our fear of these little creatures that do much damage is greater than the threat itself?

I mean, nobody can see germs so how to we really know we’re there? All we know is to be careful of germs, that they exist on water fountains and door handles and little kid’s snot nose faces. But we know this because our grandma said it, and her grandma said it, and so on and so on, all the way back to the dinosaurs grandmas that said don’t eat that plant because it has germs, go eat that littler dinosaur.

Science tells us-and by science I mean, which is where i looked up the definition of germs for this blog-that germs get their nutrients and multiply by feeding off their hosts, meaning us humans. But if that’s true and they are dependent on those things to sustain life, how did they start in the first place? What if germs don’t really exist and we have just created them because someone didn’t feel good and wanted to blame some tiny little helpless creature instead of blaming themselves for staying up too late, eating the wrong thing, drinking the wrong thing and maybe even kissing the wrong thing.

I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer speak about how a woman asked him about not being sick and he said that he didn’t allow the thought of being sick to come in. Not sure that’s the only answer if you were also eating a pizza every night and drinking a six pack, but I do know that I’ve been on a very positive roll which also leads me to eat well and exercise and I haven’t been harboring any germs.

So maybe it’s time to start a germ peace movement! Instead of trying to fight off theĀ possibility of attackĀ with medicines we create a loving environment in our own bodies with all kinds of good stuff and it will be like a drumming, singing circle and any extemporaneous little one celled folks that happen to come around will be caught up in the joy going on in our bodies and only create more healthy cells instead of knocking us down.

Kumbaya Little Germies!