Water Cooler Talk Special Winter Edition

A special Friday edition of the Wednesday weekly Water Cooler Talk because, well, I felt like it. And it’s my blog.

I wrote a really long letter to Santa and all I got back was a credit card application with “Get Your Own” written ¬†across the top.

Why don’t snowmen put their hats in front of them on the ground to collect tips for being motionless like those street performers who paint themselves to look like statues.

I still don’t get the allure of skiing, sledding seems to be the same basic motion and a hell of a lot cheaper.

I’m very excited about my new exhibit The Frozen Booger Collection where I carve busts of past presidents.

Why don’t they make left-handed shovels?

What if the Grinch had never given Christmas back?

Why do weathermen still act surprised when it’s cold in the winter?

Jack Frost NIPPING at your nose, Chestnuts ROASTING on an open fire, Winter’s really angry.