A Conversation Between Angels LXXVIII

“Hey where you been?”

“Been trying to find someone Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?”

“Oh yeah, who’d you find?”

“James Joyce. But he was busy writing.”

“Who else?”

“Samuel Beckett.”

“Let me guess, writing?”

“Yeah, so I looked up W. C. Fields.”

“I didn’t know he was Irish.”

“He’s not, but he said if I could find some booze he’d celebrate with me.”


St. Patty’s Day: The Aftermath

The Hangover movie image Ed Helms (1)


All over the world, well at least Ireland and the countries that pretend to have very strong connections to Ireland, there are people waking up hungover. Every other holiday seems to have the next day off to recover, but not St. Patty’s Day.

So there will be people underperforming, eating very greasy food, and asking what they did last night. I don’t know, but I think, that the day after St. Patrick’s Day might be the biggest of the hangover days. And if you factor in the appearance of this holiday not necessarily falling on a Friday or Saturday like this year, the days that make up the St. Patrick’s Day weekend dwarf the runner-up New Year’s Eve. That’s because most people just count them as one.

New Year’s Eve is a big day, second only to Valentine’s Day, where it is oh so important what you do and whether or not you have a date. So the amount of alcohol consumed is less-sadness and depression are already affecting the brain’s activity and therefore you’ve already got a head start and those that have a date may still be sad or depressed or are worried about the impression they create. But March 17 doesn’t have any requirements other than you wear green (and the codes are very relaxed) and drink beer. Or Jameson. Or pretty much anything you choose. People are happy, they start drinking early and since there’s no family to worry about getting into trouble with, it’s a free ride. Even those that celebrate it as a family (who really are Irish) give each other a mulligan.

Yep that’s it, everybody just puts on green and drinks. Few know what they’re really celebrating. Few know that originally blue was the color of the day and that Saint Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. I don’t see a lot of church going in modern times. Nope, just buying silly hats, beads and glitter wigs. Giving the bars, apropos restaurants and liquor companies a chance to go “ahhhh.”

All in good fun. Hope everyone did have fun. Me, I don’t drink anymore so I feel great and it reminds me of one of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard – “No one ever wakes up the next morning and says ‘Man, I wish I would have drank last night.'”

A Conversation Between Angels XXXIII


“Top of the morning Jack.”

“Top, bottom, sideways, who cares.”

“Oh my, how can you be so down?”

“Do you know what today is, Erin?”

“Of course, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day.”

“And do you know what time is is Erin?”

“Of course, it’s six am.”

“Right. Six am on Saint Patrick’s Day and I’m sober for the first time. We can’t drink here.”

“Why would we need to drink? It’s beautiful here.”

“It would be more beautiful with beer.”

“But there’s so much love here.”

“I could love everyone even more with beer.”

“But there’s-I’ll go find Saint Patrick myself, he’s gotta have some stashed.”