Kids Miss Out On Magic

This is the kind of blog that if I would say it in person to a teenager, their hip would jut out and “whatever” would be read on their face. But really, I think kids miss out on magic.

See kids never experienced a hi-fi system with a huge cabinet, nor an eight track deck that was probably the ugliest of the audio devices. They never had cassette tapes that would come spooling out and jam up your player, they never had Walkmans or Discmans and depending on their age, they may have never owned a CD. So they don’t realize how truly amazing that little tiny iPod is and what an incredible music player they hold in the palm of their hand.

Kids never had phones with cords, so that it wrapped around and twisted until you could only be a foot away from the phone and you couldn’t get any privacy when you talked to a girl or a boy. So they don’t know how really astonishing a cell phone is. Not only can you talk anywhere you want, but you can check your schedule, surf the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet, kids never used encyclopedias. Nuff said.

Kids never had to write a letter and wait for a response or write a not to someone in school and not get the response til the end of the period or the end of the day to know how mind-blowing texting is.

Kids are used to two working parents and they might not have experienced a big home-cooked meal and if they have, mostly just on Holidays so it’s not a regular thing. Thus they have no idea how impressively fast fast-food is delivered to your mouth.

Most teens probably don’t have a grandma who had to take the bus everywhere, walked everywhere so she was active and thin her entire life because she never lost the “get up and go.” That’s why they’re so fat! Seriously! In 7-11 I saw six young girls and guys falling over their swimsuits; how can they wear something so skimpy and parade their bellies and fat asses like that.