Global Warming and Colding




It’s been really cold here in Southern California. Well, cold for here as it dips into the 30s at night. Even though you may think that’s nothing depending on where you live, and after having spent the majority of my life with that being warm weather in the winter I understand, it’s still off.

The whole year’s been off. I visited Chicago last March and it was in the 80s the entire time I was there, not just a day or two. Again, off. So what is it, is it global warming or is it just simply that’s how it went down?

Everyone instantly blames a variance that is not normal on global warming. But that variance is only based on their lifetime. You can look back in history and you’ll find a similar occurrence. You’ll find a ridiculously warm or cold day. Or month. Or even a year. Yet we seem to want to instantly blame some corporation for ruining the atmosphere.

Now I’m not doubting that we’ve been very irresponsible. Let’s face it, we’re lazy. We’d rather use tons of packaging that must be unwrapped to reveal a small meal we can put in the microwave. Cause that cooking thing takes time. So we’re definitely responsible for the waste and usage of things that can impact the environment. I’m all there with our need to clean up our act. But how much of this is the chicken and the egg thing? Which one’s responsible each time?

You know our grandparents led to the invention of the microwave and Tupperware and all the packaging that makes for waste. They did it to make it easier on their kids, to make life more convenient. They didn’t do it to cause waste, that wasn’t part of the plan. But now we know better and have to do what we can for our kids to stop wasting so much. It’s just logic. No need to complain, just figure out ways to stop wasting so much, stop so many chemicals, and don’t make the sun so mad.

Then maybe it’ll be 70 here again the way it’s supposed to be. Or maybe that’s just the way the sun wanted it.