The Real Anniversary


Friday marked a year for this blog, yesterday was Mother’s Day, but today is a real accomplishment-it’s the 52nd wedding anniversary of my folks.

Now I debated writing a blog lest they or you think that I don’t have time for a card and am just a lazy, cheap-skate. But it really hits at the center of this blog, which I’ll get to later.

But first of all – ¬†they’re sick. I spend time there when I visit them in Chicago and they make me want to gag the way parents want to make teenagers gag when they’re all lovey-dovey. And they still do it. I have woken up early and sat there talking to my Dad and I don’t hear anything and he says “excuse me a second” and goes over to kiss my mom who is just coming down the stairs. Who does that?! They are respectful, courteous and make each other laugh all the time. Who does that?! And they look exactly like they looked in the wedding photo above.*

And I’m jealous. I still hope to find that person who I can be so comfortable and share so much and be in love with after 50+ years. In my case, we’re both going to have to be extreme health nuts cause we’re talking about living into the 100s.

So I wanted to pay tribute to two wonderful people that made me who I am and continue to inspire me with their wisdom, their kindness and their money. (Sorry guys it’s a comedy blog after all, had to go for the joke.) About a month ago Amy Poehler posted a video where she was talking about how we needed to fill our heads with some more good stuff. And she really inspired me about what I want to do with this blog. So I wanted to write about two people who are still together and want to be together when in the same week, a woman was convicted for killing her boyfriend. I want us all to talk more about the amazing people in our lives instead of simply reading about the a*#holes.

When I was looking for a title for this blog, I ended up with Amusingz because that’s the spelling that was available for a domain name. But I liked it. Because I wanted this to be about my observations and thoughts (musings,) be funny (amusing) and have it be about magic (amazing.) Because all though I do less magic performing wise, I still believe in magic. And my parents are amazing to me, I love making them laugh and I love watching two people that care about each other still care about each other so much. I love you guys!

*That’s not really them, silly. But since this was a surprise, I didn’t want to ask their permission and didn’t want to include a photo without asking. Everyone doesn’t like their picture displayed like us performers do.