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*For all my fellow bloggers and writers out there—stick with it!

I’m late…



I’m late to write my blog and I don’t know what to write about. It’s 11:00am PST, way past when I like it to be published and I don’t have any topic in my head.

I usually do them the night before. But I was too busy. I was working. And now I’m having a Tigger day and I don’t know what to write about. A Tigger Day, for those that don’t know, is  a day where I’d rather be bouncing instead of sitting. And it’s not from coffee. I just tend to be very much like that on very beautiful day like today is. Now I know that people in the Midwest and East would scoff at anyone who would say any day isn’t beautiful in Southern California, but for us, and I know I’ve become a wuss based on my recent visit to Chicago, it’s been cold and dreary here this Winter. But not today. No not today. It’s 75, It’s sunny. And I know I want to play. I want to bounce.

I can’t of course, because I still have my web work to be done. But web work means I can stop and spin in my chair. Web work means I can have music playing and my leg can make restless leg syndrome look like the tortoise as I speed by it. I can get up and dance about to a particularly good song. And I do. I love to dance. I am the king of dancing like nobody’s looking. Cause nobody is.

So I’m late. I’m late. For a very important date. With WordPress and GoDaddy and HTML and CSS and my favorite client. And his website. And getting it working. And getting it looking beautiful. But I have to write my blog. I have been getting wonderful new followers and I’m grateful to all that have joined me, those here for the last year and those for the last day. I feel obliged to write something. I appreciate your reading. But I don’t know what to write about.

Oh wait, that’s 330 words. Bye.